Third Annual Ralphies (2): Film

This category is tough for me. I enjoy films and TV but I never feel qualified to offer a “best/worst” that will apply to others. (And at this point I am not sure I can even remember which movies we saw!)

BEST MOVIE: Cars has to top my list. I have already blogged on my initial impressions and they remain firm after seeing it at a drive-in and multiple times on our own TV. Just today (New Year’s Eve) we put together our son’s new “big boy bed” complete with “To-Mater” sheets. (We also just finished watching Monsters Inc. Pixar is the best.)

WORST MOVIE: I don’t feel I can really comment here. I will say that I was disappointed with The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. As a family we enjoyed the first two and I love Martin Short, but this film was too, well, short. It felt like a made for TV movie that was direct release to theaters.

BEST TV SHOW: No question here, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Tight script writing, intelligent, funny… it is worth missing part of Monday Nigh Football (which has been horrible this year, the games, not the guys; I love Tony K!) in order to see it.

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