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Chris takes on Dawkins

No, not I but someone far better at this sort of thing, Christopher Heard of Higgaion. See The God Delusion, chapter 2, sections 1-3 I will follow Stephen Cook (whose post led me to this review) and point out this prescient quote. I am ready to assume that Dawkins has actually thought through various arguments for and against God’s existence and has rationally reached the conclusion that no such being exists. However, as a matter […]

Third Annual Ralphies (2): Film

This category is tough for me. I enjoy films and TV but I never feel qualified to offer a “best/worst” that will apply to others. (And at this point I am not sure I can even remember which movies we saw!) BEST MOVIE: Cars has to top my list. I have already blogged on my initial impressions and they remain firm after seeing it at a drive-in and multiple times on our own TV. Just […]