Do we need anything more in a desktop OS?

The following story from TUAW produced an exchange between me and my brother about what we really need in an OS.

We’ve seen the Magic Trackpad name before, and we’ve even gotten a glimpse of what the device might be — a larger, Bluetooth-enabled multitouch surface designed to bring all of the gestural and multitouch capability found on the iDevices and MacBooks to the desktop itself. Now, Engadget notes that it appears the FCC has approved testing of such a device for Apple — a “Bluetooth trackpad” that’s reportedly set for production. The testing was actually done in October of last year, but FCC filings have risen into public view, which means that Apple could finally unveil the device as soon as later this week.

Not much is known about the actual device (with the model number A1339), but presumably it would be used as a larger touch surface for Bluetooth-enabled computers. Does that mean Apps on the Mac, or, at the very least, actual multitouch testing for iPhone development? We’ll have to wait and see.

TUAWApple’s Magic Trackpad approved by FCC originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Mon, 19 Jul 2010 15:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

The discussion went like this: I suggested that this might be how Apple would bring the iOS (or at least touch interface) to the desktop machines. To me this would make more sense than a touch interface screen, who wants to reach UP to the screen to move around, etc. (In fact, using my iPad in the dock is a little annoying for maneuvering since I have to move my hand from the keyboard area up to the screen.)

My brother asked, do we really want iOS, very limited and closed, for a desktop OS? Fair point, I thought. I certainly need more from my desktop than my iDevice.

Which led me to ask, what more do we (non-research folks, i.e., not NASA) need in a desktop OS? The most recent episode of MacBreak Weekly (#203) had a discussion about whether or not Apple would continue to develop the Mac OS. Alex Lindsay said that he thought they would not, with a convergence to the iOS or even dropping desktops all together. Andy Ihnatko disagreed and felt confident that Apple was still working on the next progression of OSX (or even OS XI).

But really, what more do we need in a desktop OS, whether it be Mac OS, Windows, Linux, whathaveyou?

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