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Jim West on Crossley

And Crossley replies here. West reject Crossley’s suggestion that “that New Testament studies can be furthered by non believers.” But again, interpreting theological texts (and that is what the New Testament is) requires a theological mindset, just as interpreting mathematical texts requires a mathematical mindset.  In other words, biblical interpretation is so intertwined with theology that one without the other is nearly impossible. I offered a counter point in the comments: As a Christian who […]

Going potty…

Any time you can use the phrase “Going Potty in the Ancient World” I think it is worth noting. Going Potty at Qumran: Evidence of Latrines Discovered (GPAT 4) A recent news release on Eureka Alert summarizes a forthcoming article in Revue de Qumran on a remote latrine site discovered at Khirbet Qumran. This is the fifth in a series of posts (some more serious than others) on “Going Potty in the Ancient World.” My […]

SBL Podcast?

If you are going to be at SBL are any of you bibliobloggers interested or willing to do a podcast at SBL? I would be happy to bring the equipment and it can be a simple matter of recording our chat around a drink. Or…if some of you are willing to be individually interviewed (and we can find the time) I would love to sit down 1-1 and do a short interview. I think it […]

Don’t Forget New Orleans

I was recently invited by a PSU student to join a FaceBook group with the above name. It was started by a group of friends who went to NOLA 10 months after Katrina and have produced a film about that experienced called “Water-Proof.” It says it will appear in October 2006. I haven’t seen that it is released, but the trailer is below. In the trailer are friends of mine and places I knew so […]