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Tagged! One Book Meme

Tyler Williams of Codex has been kind enough to “tag” me (thanks for the heads-up Kevin!) so I will do my best to respond as the packers…erm, pack the house. 1. One book that changed your life: Tough… Genesis, specifically chapters 1-3. (See also #6 below.) 2. One book that you’ve read more than once: There have been many, especially now that my daughter is old enough to be read to (and now read! she […]

Noah Video

Joe! You are da Man! Oh how I love this routine. Now, can I have a full quality version of this for my lectures! 🙂 Noah Video Noah Video We’re doing a Noah story in our Sunday School program, so I put the superb and easy video tools on my new Mac to good use and made this video for them. This problem is, only the first minute and a half of Cosby’s Noah routines […]

Cow = Female

I was looking to see what movies are in the theaters since our house is boxed up for the upcoming move. I had seen the trailers for Barnyard and I wondered about one aspect of the film. The hero, Otis, is a male voice (Kevin James) and regularly referred to in the third person masculine. (Note the prominent udder in the picture above [Update: apparently the picture cannot be linked to so see the page […]

Women Mac geeks at BlogHer ‘06

In the biblio blogging world there was quite a bit of discussion about women in the blogosphere (or lack thereof). In light of this, I thought folks would find this of interest. On TUAW by Jan Kabili: Women Mac geeks at BlogHer ’06 Filed under: Other Events I just finished speaking on a panel — Primp Your Blog — at BlogHer ’06. The audience was mostly women — for a change. And here’s the really […]

Schreyer Honors College – The Blog

The blog for Schreyer Honors College, PSU In preparation for our move next week, I have started a new blog for Schreyer Scholars. The Tulane blog will continue to be run by my successor (to be named soon!) and Mrs. Jenkins. In the meantime, I will try and find something interesting to say here, maybe even intelligent, but probably not. Most of my time now is spent arranging the move, lamenting a comatose car (I […] – Aramaic-English Bible Translation Draws Criticism

A curious article about Lamsa’s translation of the Peshitta and his student, Rocco Errico, that is full of errors. [Dr. Brian Schmisek, professor at the University of Dallas] says, “…the gospels were written by the apostles in Greek.” Not the apostles, but perhaps disciples of the apostles…. And Evidence shows Aramaic texts do go all the way back to the Targums; Hebrew translated to Aramaic, B.C.). [sic] Schmisek agrees “The Dead Sea Scrolls are the […]

My new BlackBook is here!

Update: 19 July 2013 Nearly seven years later with only one hard drive upgrade that MacBook is still going strong. We purchased it from the university and my daughter now uses it. Not bad! Originally published: 24 July 2006 My new MacBook, in black, arrived this morning. The HD and RAM were updated within 20 minutes and I was off! Most of my stuff migrated painlessly and I only had a few moments of sorting […]

iTunes U Public Sites

This is very interesting and promising. Stay tuned… Serendipity 35: iTunes U Public Sites iTunes U is the free, hosted service for colleges and universities to make podcasts easily available to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public through the iTunes Music Store. Apparently a good number of schools are signing on, but there are only a few that have a public face (Apple allows participating schools to have a private face with school-controlled […]

The Future of Tulane Honors Program

It is with very mixed feelings that I am writing to inform the Tulane Honors community that I will be leaving Tulane University at the end of the month. I have been selected to be the next Dean of Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College. This position was not something that I initially sought, believing that we needed to return to New Orleans and Tulane to offer what help we could to rebuild. When the position […]