iTunes U Public Sites

This is very interesting and promising. Stay tuned…

Serendipity 35: iTunes U Public Sites

iTunes U is the free, hosted service for colleges and universities to make podcasts easily available to students, faculty, staff, alumni

and the general public through the iTunes Music Store.

Apparently a good number of schools are signing on, but there are only a few that have a public face (Apple allows participating schools to have a private face with school-controlled login for protected content such as courseware).

There were four schools used during their beta testing that now have public access which means you can enter (through iTunes, of course) and listen/watch and download public content.

NJIT will have its podcast content in iTunes U (somehow calling it a ‘music store’ doesn’t sound right, though they all do pop up within the iTunes Music Store) for this fall semester. We have been distributing podcasts from our website since fall 2005 in iTunes compatible formats.

The two big public sites for now are Stanford and UC Berkeley, plus the business schools at U of Michigan and Duke. Here are the links – check out their content.

(Via Serendipity 35.)

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