He said it, not me! (Remember that, won’t you?)

This fellow is in trouble with an entire country’s female population. But this is too amusing not to share.

Oh please, you lard-butt British frumps have got off too lightly – Times Online It begins:

His dig last week at the lack of grooming skills among women in Britain caused a furore, but Tad Safran has no regrets. In fact, girls …

One prime selection from this piece,

Next is that British women don’t want to be obsessed with beauty regimes. Again, this is not an either/or.

Many women seem to think that doing anything more than their current routine would deem them fixated. At what point, I ask you, does “a healthy interest” turn into “obsession”?

Flossing? Waxing? Skipping pudding once in a while? Or is the moment you hire a trainer the start of an irreversibly slippery slope to waking up one day as Joan Rivers?

And God forbid any woman should be motivated by trying to attract a man. Apparently British women have overcome a billion years of biology.

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