He said it, not me! (Remember that, won’t you?) 2

This fellow is in trouble with an entire country’s female population. But this is too amusing not to share.

Oh please, you lard-butt British frumps have got off too lightly – Times Online It begins:

His dig last week at the lack of grooming skills among women in Britain caused a furore, but Tad Safran has no regrets. In fact, girls …

One prime selection from this piece,

Next is that British women don’t want to be obsessed with beauty regimes. Again, this is not an either/or.

Many women seem to think that doing anything more than their current routine would deem them fixated. At what point, I ask you, does “a healthy interest” turn into “obsession”?

Flossing? Waxing? Skipping pudding once in a while? Or is the moment you hire a trainer the start of an irreversibly slippery slope to waking up one day as Joan Rivers?

And God forbid any woman should be motivated by trying to attract a man. Apparently British women have overcome a billion years of biology.


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