Noah Video 2

Joe! You are da Man! Oh how I love this routine. Now, can I have a full quality version of this for my lectures! 🙂

Noah Video

Noah Video

We’re doing a Noah story in our Sunday School program, so I put the superb and easy video tools on my new Mac to good use and made this video for them.

This problem is, only the first minute and a half of Cosby’s Noah routines were ever recorded on TV (and hence, video), so I’ve spliced sound recordings from the rest together with photos so the kids could enjoy the whole thing with some well-timed visuals.

(Via The Macintosh Biblioblog.)


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2 thoughts on “Noah Video

  • Joe Weaks

    Of course you can have the full quality version. Email me your snailmail address and I’ll send the DVD, or even bettter, find 348 megs of free server space somewhere and I’ll ftp it.