Commencement 2006!

I know that many of you who read Targuman do not necessarily read my Tulane Honors blog so I thought I would also share the excitement here as well.


What a day! Congratulations to all our seniors. As you heard so many times today (too many? I don’t think so, but almost) you came through an amazing year and will always and forever be tied to New Orleans and Tulane in a way like few others.

Speakers It is hard to beat two (2) former US presidents in one graduation ceremony! They were both warmly received (one perhaps more so than the other) and both gave excellent speeches that were succinct and heartfelt. Bush-Clinton were, of course, asked to speak because of their work with the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

George HW Bush receiving his honorary doctorate of laws.

WJ Clinton receiving his honorary doctorate of laws.

There was even a special surprise guest at the end! Local lady made good, Ellen Degeneres.

(She heard everyone else would be wearing robes…)

UPDATE: Needless to say, this has made news. NBC Nightly News had it on last night (not online so far as I can tell); NPR had a piecethis morning; the AP carried this story; and the Times-Picayune had this article and this list of degree recipients.

UPDATE 2: I think this link will work for the NBC video, but it is Windows only so I am not sure if the javascript link will work from the blog or not. If not, go the their video site and search for “Graduates giving back to New Orleans.”

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