Homecoming Float

This week has been hectic, with the Board last week and Homecoming this week. So from my SHC blog I bring you an update:

This morning we arrived at 7am to drive the float over to the staging area. The students had been up most of the night, not working on the float mind you, just up. 😉 Some pictures of interest. The theme is Indiana Jones, “SHC: Outrunning the competition since 1997.” The boulder actually moves!

(Click on the thumbnails for full size image.)


It is looking great from afar. Bearing the Schreyer name proudly!

The students have chosen that classic (and best) Indiana Jones movie for its theme: Raiders of the Lost Ark


Did I mention that we are playing Wisconsin?


Prepping the boulder for its first test.


It works! (Sarah showed mild surprise, but I was confident in our engineer’s mad skillz.) During the parade Rocco, our own Indie, will be running in front of the boulder.

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