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At Tomb, Pillows but No Mummies So Far – New York Times

NYTimes has a story with lots of pictures on the new “tomb.” VALLEY OF THE KINGS, Egypt — It had been 84 years since a tomb was unearthed here in the scorching desert burial ground for pharaohs, and the hope, of course, was for mummies. What else could be inside the seven coffins, at the bottom of a shaft that until February had been sealed off from all but termites for over three millenniums? Very […]

2007 Element SC Review

Honda is putting out a “street version” of the Honda Element (aka “The Box”) andSpdrcr5 from the Honda Element Owners Club has a review. My wife has a red Element we purchased just before Katrina and we love it. If I were ever to get rid of my PT Cruiser I would be very tempted to get another Element. Great cruising vehicle for tall people. (Via Element Owners Club.) Technorati Tags: Honda, Element  

Review: The Symbolic Jesus

Lauren Rossen, “The Busy Body” has posted an updated review of Arnal’s The Symbolic Jesus I have not read the book, but obviously I need to. Conclusion The Symbolic Jesus is an important book that, while containing objectionable inferences along the way, makes the reader ask the right questions for the right reasons, just as Schweitzer’s classic did a century ago. Liberal agendas have involved self-portraits, and they’re easy to spot. Orthodox agendas deal with […]

Not Necessarily the Daily Show

Comedy Central apologizes for duping 2 professors in separate incidents It wasn’t the Daily Show, but close. “A top official at the Comedy Central television station has apologized on behalf of the members of a fictitious news crew who misrepresented themselves to two faculty members during separate tapings of a forthcoming series called Dog Bites Man. (for subscribers)” Mr. Smoller, one of the faculty members duped, offered this choice quote while commenting upon the “chilling […]

Accordance 7 is out!

From their blog: [Today is] the official release date of Accordance 7! That’s right, you can purchase and download the upgrade to version 7 right now. 🙂 We’ve already covered a few of the new features in detail, and I’ll be talking about the rest in the coming weeks. You can also view a Flash demo of many of the new features in 7. It looks great! So run, don’t walk and go get it! […]

Livius. Articles on ancient history

This may be old news to many of you, but I just stumbled across Livius. Articles on ancient history. This site by Jona Lendering and Marco Prins appears to be a great resource. Sections include: Anatolia Carthage Egypt Greece Judaea Mesopotamia Persia Rome Achaem. Inscriptions Alexander Babyl. Chronicles Caesar Legions Messiah Persepolis Look around! It is a wonderful resource!  

Kudos to the Mavs and Mark

I really like the Spurs and Tim Duncan, but the Mavs deserve their victory. (Amazing game!) I have been following Mark Cuban’s blog for a while and I am now a fan of Cuban as well. This is a good example of why: That symbolized this Mavericks team. Dirk and Avery are our leaders, but first and foremost we are a team.  A very special group of guys that make me incredibly proud. A couple […]