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AirPort Express: I got mine!

Thanks to a very generous gift from my bros-in-law I now posses an AirPort Express! It set up quickly and easily and within 5 minutes I was on the internet and listening to music through my stereo in my family room. Getting the printer hooked up took a little longer because I had to rearrange some things, but now our printer is in the family room as well, which will make house guests happy since […]

Mount Saint Vincent University (Ca) has turned off Turnitin.com.

The ChronicleHerald.ca in Canada, reports that one school has accepted student objections and stopped using Turnitin.com, which is a program/database for detecting plagiarism. I use this software and Tulane subscribes to it. I think it is excellent and the objections raised, as explained in the story at least, are weak. “Everyone has the right to learn in an environment that is free of guilt presumption and fear, and Turnitin.com does exactly what it shouldn’t be […]

Hebrew Tattoos: Buyers Beware!

Tyler William’s has an excellent (and humorous) blog on Hebrew tattoos with errors and all. The first “wrong” is אליהם with the final letter being a samech. One of Tyler’s respondents suggested that it was a mem in Rashi script, but if that is the case why are the other letters also not in Rashi script? The poster suggests that the tattoo artist or recipient was uncomfortable with writing out “the name of God” (which […]