AirPort Express: I got mine!

Thanks to a very generous gift from my bros-in-law I now posses an AirPort Express! It set up quickly and easily and within 5 minutes I was on the internet and listening to music through my stereo in my family room. Getting the printer hooked up took a little longer because I had to rearrange some things, but now our printer is in the family room as well, which will make house guests happy since it removes it from the office/guest room and the need for me to wake them up to turn on the computer in their which acted as a print server.

So thanks guys! What a GREAT gift!


  • 802.11g
  • USB port – Acts as print server
  • Audio out port – Allows iTunes to play over stereo
  • Small size – Only slightly larger than the power brick for my PowerBook allows me to take it with me on trips; plug it into the wall in the hotel room, plug the ethernet cable in and instant wireless network!
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