Doggeral on the Occasion of our Marraige

I was rummaging through some old floppies looking for some essays I had written back in the day when I came across this lovely verse written by a good friend. Enjoy! (We did. 🙂

Doggerel on the Occasion of the Marriage of Chris and Elizabeth

When Sennacherib of old came to town,
He searched and searched and his face turned to a frown,
For the fairest woman in the land,
With skin the color of polished sand,
Had already been claimed by a scholar of some repute,
Whose love of languages none can dispute.

So Elizabeth and Chris, we offer a vision,
Of how to make your marital decisions,
Elizabeth, you take up the Rosetta stone,
And hold it ever so gently on Chris’ skull bone,
And say to him in your charming way,
Be modern, be happy, just do as I say.

(We’re kidding, of course, but maybe we’re not,
Someone has to cut the Gordian Knot)
There are many couples since Adam and Eve,
But none so fine, we do believe.
So, fair Elizabeth and noble Chris,
We offer to you our nuptial wish,
Be wise like Solomon, patient as Job,
Act with agape in every abode.

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