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Clerk of the Court – 15th Circuit – Palm Beach County

I am looking into the laws of marriage licenses in FL and stumble across this curious law: Applicants under 16 years of age: Minors who under oath, swear that they are the parents or expected parents of a child may apply for a Marriage License. If they are already parents, the child’s Birth Certificate must be presented. Otherwise, the pregnancy must be verified by a written statement from a licensed physician. A previously married minor […]

Doggeral on the Occasion of our Marraige

I was rummaging through some old floppies looking for some essays I had written back in the day when I came across this lovely verse written by a good friend. Enjoy! (We did. 🙂 Doggerel on the Occasion of the Marriage of Chris and Elizabeth When Sennacherib of old came to town, He searched and searched and his face turned to a frown, For the fairest woman in the land, With skin the color of […]

AJS Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for the 38th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, to be held December 17 – 19, 2006 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California is now online at www.brandeis.edu/ajs . The AJS Online Proposal Submission Site will be available starting March 1, 2006; the deadline for proposal submission is April 24, 2006. All proposals must be submitted through the online submission site. Session organizers seeking participants for […]

Macworld: News: Leap-A malware: what you need to know

This is good information for Mac users. Apparently Leap-A is not (yet) too great a threat. Cutting to the chase: How would this thing get on my machine? The only way you can get the Leap-A malware on your machine is if you take some action to put it there yourself. You might receive a file from a buddy in iChat, or download something from the Internet, or open an attachment to an e-mail message. […]