Will the world end?

UPDATE: BetUS.com is giving 10-1 odds that the world will end. (Thanks to Mike and Mike in the Morning for the tip, although they said the odds were 10,000-1.) I do not recommend betting, but I suppose if you go for this one…. How would you collect?

I agree so much with Tyler (except for his reading of 616; I agree wit Ed Cook on that) that I will post his entry today (please be sure to visit his site):

The publicity office of a B-grade Hollywood remake of a mediocre film, The Omen, is hyping the fact that today is the sixth day of the sixth month in the year two thousand and six (= 666). And that is all it is: hype. As Ed Cook points out over at Ralph the Sacred River, today’s date is not significant — at least not because of any satanic connections (Contrary to Ed, I tend to think that the real number is 616).

At any rate, the significance of today is not any silly satanic movie-tie-in. Rather, June 6 is significant as it is the anniversary of D-Day. Enough said.

(Via Codex: Biblical Studies Blogspot.)

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