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Real Football 1

You all have probably seen this, I am sure Jim has, but it is too funny not to share. Like this:Like Loading…

"Forever Silent" by Dan Piraro

(A pie) in the face of tragedy 2

I have mentioned before that Mack and I would read comics together every night. For a while it was hard to read comics again because of that fact. But at the same time comics and cartoonists have also helped me cope. So last week when Dan Piraro posted this comic I knew two things: (1) […]

What are you giving up for Lent?

Some are giving up more than others… Like this:Like Loading…

by Joe Heller http://www.hellertoon.com/main.html


What’s the difference between believing and being a disciple?

Coffee with Jesus has the answer. Rather relevant to my previous post. Like this:Like Loading…

And Jesus said, “Take my wife, please”

My fellow bibliobloggers have done an exceptional job of covering the “Jesus’ wife papyrus.” It has taken a few weeks but the true import of Karen King’s revelatory Coptic papyrus fragment of slowly coming to light. Jesus has not simply been revealed as having been married, but as comedian of the highest Adirondack order. King’s translation […]


by Harry Bliss

Presbyterians and Methodists? 7

I grew up in a Presbyterian church that is now part of the EPC. I know lots of Methodists. I am an Episcopalian, what some call “Catholic light.” But I don’t get the joke. What does it even mean? “White is the new vanilla?” That makes as much sense. Perhaps I should submit it to […]

What you can do with a linguistics degree 1

Be sure to visit David’s site for some more fun etymologies (and GREAT comics, often featuring facial hair). Like this:Like Loading…



Bizarro Saint Patrick

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Bleak Eschatology

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Like this:Like Loading…



Seems fair enough…

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Like this:Like Loading…