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American Vertigo Reviewed from Lake Wobegone

Oh my! Much to my surprise Garrison Keillor offers a NYT review of Lévy’s survey of American life that is completely scathing. Makes me want to quaff a beer, scratch myself, swap my partner, and laugh huh huh huh huh like Beavis and Butthead. In more than 300 pages, nobody tells a joke. Nobody does much work. Nobody sits and eats and enjoys their food. You’ve lived all your life in America, never attended a […]

Gen. 3:6 Was Adam with Eve?

I was teaching Gen. 3 today and made a point of the fact that the text says “she also gave some to her husband, who was with her” וַתִּתֵּ֧ן גַּם־לְאִישָׁ֛הּ עִמָּ֖הּ I suggested that one could read the text as implying that Adam was there next to Eve during the entire episode or, if one wants to see a gap between her conversation with the serpent and her looking at the fruit, at least with […]

Targum Lamentations: My doctoral thesis

I have decided to make my doctoral thesis “Targum Lamentations’ Reading of the Book of Lamentations” available on the net as a pdf since, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one copy at the Bodleian which is not the most convenient place for many. There are many things I would change (and did in my book) and there are probably a few errors that I never corrected and so on. I must […]

Millions Review

We (the fam) just watched Millions. Wow! Great flick, very thought provoking. The story is outlined in the review above and be sure to read Peter Chattaway’s review here. The movie is a wonderful treatment of the fantastic world of spiritual youth. It is not too terribly iconoclastic nor is it preachy, yet it manages to challenge the way we view money and faith. This movie requires thought, reflection, and discussion. I have been looking […]

Reflecting on Suffering

This evening I was at an event where the Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island, the Right Reverend Wolf spoke. She recalled her time spent living in homeless shelters as a homeless person (this was during her sabbatical and she readily admits that the fact that she always had a home to go to made a great difference in her experience from those she was with). Bishop Wolf compared her time with the experiences that those […]

A Warm Welcome

Many thanks to Jim Davila for welcoming Targuman to the blogosphere! Jim is biblioblog of the month at Be sure to read the interview for secret knowledge about Jim. I am proud to say I already knew this tidbit of information from a mutual friend here in New Orleans. Now another nugget of knowledge about Dr. Davila: he was my predecessor at Tulane (albeit with a number of years between us) and is still […]

targum – Google Image Search

Very interesting results! Several manuscript images which are well worth a peep with the ol’ orbs. Most interesting results: A Polish company (I think, my Polish is rusty, ok, nonexistent) that sells tires. Rutger’s student newspaper, The Daily Targum. I have always wondered about the origin of their name. Can anyone enlighten me? Perhaps Dr. Rendsburg would know since he is now the Blanche and Irving Laurie Chair. And a German firm for business planning […]

Aramaic Resources

Jim Davila has already blogged here on these Aramaic resources gathered (and first blogged) by Danny Zacharias at Deinde. Danny’s site is a GREAT resource. Be sure to stop by! I would be remiss if I did not also direct you to the Newsletter for Targum and Cognate Studies that can be found here. I am the online editor, but we only have updates periodically. Of particular use to many are the translations of many […]