“Characters of God” Sundays at 9 am

Please join me and members of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd on Sundays at 9 am for our class called “Characters of God.”

“In this class Father Christian will lead us in a careful reading of many familiar biblical figures to better understand who they really were and what Scripture is really telling us through their stories. Should Rebecca have helped her son Jacob steal the blessing from his father, even if God did promise that he would rule over his brother? How was David a “man after God’s own heart” when we was a murderer and adulterer? The lives of these biblical figures are real and relatable in ways that we often overlook. Join us for an closer reading of Scripture.
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For those who have been around this blog for a very long time you may recognize that title. It stems for a series of retreats I did nearly TWO decades ago and a book that I have never submitted. (Well, at least not yet.) The characters to be studied and the themes will thus be similar to some essays on found here, but the joy of a class is that the students bring so much to the discussion!

So no matter where you are, feel free to join us starting Sunday, June 7, 2020 for this seven(?!) part series!

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