SBL Bible Odyssey & Cruise!

Many who read this blog are members of the Society of Biblical Literature or familiar with it, but many are not aware of the NEH-supported project “Bible Odyssey.” BO was developed to help address the fact that while the Bible has tremendous impact on history, literature, popular culture, and politics, it is more often than not misunderstood, misrepresented, and misused. It was to address such concerns that the Society of Biblical Literature launched the website Bible Odyssey ( in 2015. BO provides free articles and videos that bridge the gap between the academy and the public.

And now…Bible Odyssey will be hosting a cruise! While I have not been invited to be a speaker (frankly, a reasonable decision, Targum and suffering are not the most “cruise-worthy” topics I can think of, oh and Drs. Newsom and Strawn are far better scholars than I!), I encourage you to consider joining them! The cruise will help support and expand the website.

It is a twelve-day, all-inclusive cruise to Greece, Italy, and Turkey departing from New York, June 4–15, 2020 ( There will be the usual fun and frivolity of a cruise, the Bible Odyssey cruise will include onboard lectures and land excursions to important historical and archaeological sites. Please consider taking this educational and fun cruise, and pass this information along. PDF here and lovely image below.

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