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On the movie “Noah” and the film critic you should follow

I first “met” Peter Chattaway on an old school listserv for Daniel Amos, one of my favorite bands. He is a very accomplished film critic from the Great White North and is well worth following to read his take on movies, theology, and culture. (Be sure to check out his tear down of Star Trek: Not the Wrath of Khan, but really, It Is.) He has a number of articles about Noah, apparently a new movie […]

Everything you need to know about curling

Aside from the fact that it is as addictive as a bag of kettle chips. On Monday I recorded a podcast with one of my students who is a Jr. National curler, Phil Mack. Give it a listen! After a quip on twitter from me, enquiring of @CoachBrandwene whether or not we could curl at Pegula Ice Arena, I received the following tweet: @shcdean @CoachBrandwene One of your #SHCPSU freshman at the 2014 Jr. National Championships. pic.twitter.com/6CGubdVydt […]