A word about this blog, grief, beauty and joy


I just want to reassure readers that while there will undoubtedly be more posts about my (and our, but I tend to let my wife speak for herself) experiences and thoughts grieving for the loss of our son, the blog Targuman will not become solely about theodicy.

When I began this blog I decided not to make it focused upon anything other than my own interests. As a result there are times when I have posted quite a lot about, for example, Ruth as I have been working on that; about Hurricane Katrina as we lived through that and its aftermath; lots of comics; and photography chatter and pictures. I can look back over my blog and have a glimpse, then, of what was occupying my mind (or what I was avoiding thinking about) at any given time. Right now Mack occupies our thoughts quite a lot.

But we also have beautiful and wonderful memories; memories of the past and those yet to be made. We have an incredible teenage daughter who is not only quite beautiful but is also a very talented writer. We are blessed with an incredibly active and support community who insist (thank you!) on taking walks with us, taking us to basketball games, and feeding us lots (and lots) of food. Our students are keeping us engaged and challenged and our “bosses” have been incredibly supportive. We do have much for which to be thankful.

We are trying to break in those shoes and it hurts, a lot. But as we walk we are also seeing unbelievable sunrises and sunsets, flurries dancing in the biting cold wind. Beauty remains even when it seems impossible that it should.

So please feel free to tune out if the blog gets to morose, but check back in now and then. I can promise you there will be comics and photos and even an article or two on Targum Ruth. [mfn]A wonderful surprise last Wednesday was the acceptance, without any revisions, of my article on the character of Ruth in TgRuth![/mfn]

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