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Living and dying as a Penn State fan

Originally posted to my blog for the Leadership Academy. I received an email this morning from a former student. I have not read the novel (but have been meaning to for years) and now I have further incentive to do so. We lived for 6 years in the same town where Walker Percy had lived, Covington, LA. A great author, his works are incredibly well known in the south but not so much up north. He is […]

Remembering the Summer

Our Scholar Mentors arrive on Tuesday and our first-year Scholars arrive on Wednesday. We have a leadership council retreat all day today. Summer is coming to an end for me. Fortunately for my children they have a few more weeks. Doing some work this morning, this picture kept making me smile. We were at a friend’s place in upstate NY celebrating a birthday and they have a wonderful pond on their property. MB just had […]

Heaven is a riot

A friend, colleague, and local pastor died yesterday. Paul Grabill was the pastor of our local AOG church and while some found him too strong in his convictions for their tastes, I found him to be humble, generous, and yes, firmly convicted of the Gospel and its Truth. In June he wrote what he thought would be (and was) his last column in the local paper. I share the closing bit here. So, let me […]

Good to be home

I was never a farmer, but my father grew up on a ranch in Texas. He insisted that we learn something about animals and crops so we did 4-H and FFA. I loved it and am so glad I did it. After the 110º weather in Las Vegas today is absolutely glorious. 72º with a nice breeze, the clouds are puffy and the fields are ripening. It is good to be home.