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Of making many books there is no end

I just realized, I am living a cliché. I am that guy, you know, the guy in the movie or TV show (right now Suits is using this exact theme) whose life is going well. He has finally gotten his act together, a good paying job, a great family, and then something or, more usually, someone from his past comes back into his life and insists he must pull “just one more” job/hit/somethingillegal. In Suits our […]

Targuman on Google+

In case you are on Google+ and interested in circling the wagons with me, I now have this nifty short URL: http://gplus.to/targuman I can’t say that I am heading over their full time just yet, but it is very interesting, clean, and perhaps even useful. NB: Adam has pointed out to me that Google’s Terms of Service gives them rather significant rights to any photos or content that you load on their sites or services. I have removed those […]