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Suggestions for the August Biblical Studies Carnival (and why I am out)

To all those who enjoy the Biblical Studies Carnivals and care what is represented in them I encourage you to go over to Daniel McClellan’s site and post or email him your suggestions. I may send some links, but I won’t be hosting any more carnivals. I know this topic has come up in the past and I want to emphasize that I am not doing this in a huff or out of anger (although […]

Updated: Biblical Studies Carnival for July 2011

UPDATE: J. K. Gayle has offered some additional links specifically from women bloggers. (I will more fully incorporate them into the blog when I return from vac and have access to a computer. Back so see the bottom of the post for her links, but be sure to visit her blog as well for comments there.) [Folks, I have worked on this for the last two days, I even have LOTS more links, but I […]