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A stumbling block…

When I was being shown around Freiburg last week my guide actually stumbled and then stopped and pointed to be the “Stolperstein” upon which she had halted. This term literally translates as a “stumbling stone” and is a small concrete cube covered in brass that is etched with the name of a single Jew or other victim of the Nazi regime who was deported and killed. The dates of their deportation and death are also […]

Happy ValenTEA!

My gorgeous and wonderful bride gave this tea-totaller1 a wonderful Valentine’s Day present of the Ingenuitea Teapot. It is very clever and so far works a treat! (And for the record, I brought her back Fazermint Chocolate Creams from Europe.)   Let’s be clear, I enjoy a good brandy, Pims, and G&T. I just don’t drink coffee anymore. [↩]