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Rewriting Gen. 1 against atheistic evolution

Acknowledging that a significant of understanding Genesis chapter 1 is realizing the ANE background against which it was written, Joel Watts, AKA Polycarp, suggests we do the same with our modern backdrop of atheistic evolution. How would you write it? So, what if we did the same thing today – what if God inspired us today to tell of His power and authority against atheistic evolution? I use this term to note only an evolution […]

Feed Your Flock – Pepsi & the Catholic Church?

My brother pointed me to this post at John C. Dvorak’s site. According to JD This was a leading entry in PepsiCo’s Super Bowl commercial contest. When word leaked out about it, the Catholic Church went bananas. Pepsi has been trying to squash every occurrence of it on the Web; so, I don’t know how long this will be up. I cannot confirm that this is the case, that the Catholic Church was upset or […]