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“Making Student Blogs Pay Off with Blog Audits” – CHE

ProfHacker at the Chronicle of Higher Education has a great little piece about how to make students’ blogging more effective, not in terms of production, but in terms of learning. We require students in our leadership academy to blog all three years they are in it and many find it daunting and frankly useless. I think this may well prove a useful method. My adaptation of Blau’s reading log audit is essentially a blog post […]

New! Evernote Site Memory Button

See that little elephant in the bottom left corner of each post? Remember how I have mentioned the powerful note-taking and data collection tool Evernote? Well now you can clip and save bits of my blog that you think are important and worth remembering! Simply click on the button and up pops a window, sign-in or sign-up for a free account and get started. You can learn more about Evernote Site Memory Button on their […]