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Biblicapodcast – Resurrecting the Bibliobloggers podcast

You may be forgiven for not remembering my short-lived podcast series featuring interviews with many of our beloved biblioblogging colleagues. My last entry was in March of 2008, Chris Tilling was my guest. My two previous were with Rick Brannan and Dr. Jim West. My question for you my dear reader is should I give this a try once more? And if so, whom should I invite? Let me know in the comments below! If you like […]

Call for papers: SBL Blogger and Online Publication section

We have listened and broadened the scope of the new “bibliobloggers” SBL section. SBL Blogger and Online Publication section Originally organized under the aegis of the ‘biblioblogging’ community, this unit has been renamed. ‘Biblioblogging’ refers to a diverse community of nearly every point of view that communicates new ideas or insights, debates, and discusses exegetical and historical subjects. The Blogger and Online Publication Section supports the publication of articles, commentary, and items of interest relating […]

(Academic) Integrity and Anonymous Blogging

I have addressed this subject several times on this blog before. I posted a poll almost two years ago and gave the example of Dean Dad. The recent CHE post by the Provost of Idaho State University regarding the limits of academic freedom and lunch with the CHE reporter for technology had me thinking about this subject again from a slightly different angle. I understand many of the arguments for blogging anonymously within the academy. […]