No duh: Drinking doesn’t help with studies 4

Just back from SBL and getting ready to be descended upon by 10 relatives, but I caught this in the Penn State Newswire. How would have thought that engaging in excessive use of alcohol could effect your grades?

College students who engage in binge drinking tend to earn lower grades than students who don’t abuse alcohol, according to a newly released report. The Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State conducted a study that shows a clear link between alcohol abuse, mental health symptoms,
and academic performance. The study’s data illustrate a strong inverse correlation between grade-point average and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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4 thoughts on “No duh: Drinking doesn’t help with studies

  • Seth

    Geez, did they pay for this study out of Stimulus money? I’m an admirer of your work, and I have friends who went to PSU and others who worked there years ago. As such, I have great respect for the institution. But this is an absurd study to have even conducted. It puts into question the validity and usefulness of any out-of-the-box research, and undermines the efforts of serious academics everywhere that struggle to get funding for their projects.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      Seth I can assure you the study was not paid for out of stimulus funds since our governor has not released those funds yet. As my title suggests I think this is a fairly obvious and likely unnecessary study…if it weren’t for the sad fact that so many students DON’T believe that their drinking habits are effecting their lives. Sometimes we need a “no duh” study to make it clear to the more thick headed amongst us what they should have realized all along.

  • steph

    You’re right – students who abuse alcohol generally don’t believe that their habits affect their lives. But then this is probably an indication that they’re too stupid to get good grades even if they didn’t abuse alcohol. How interested are they in their education?

  • Alexander Hall

    it is quite difficult to recover from Alcohol Abuse because alcohol is also very addictive just like Cigarettes and drugs.~’: