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Caption Contest: In bed with Moses

Or God, or…it is really your call. The New Yorker has the following caption contest. Go there to enter, or provide your own amusing offerings in the comments. Below is my effort. Not great, I am sure you can do better. And while poking around I came across another cartoon on a similar theme by the same artist, “Australia’s God.” ( I am not sure why it is blue, however….)  

Genesis – Sexy, violent, and groovy.

UPDAT 2: My copy arrived in record time! I will post comments anon. UPDATE: See the end of the post for additional links to reviews. I am updating them as I come across the reviews. Most of all, see Robert Alter’s positive review in The New Republic. Genesis – Sexy, violent, and groovy. Yup, that about sums it up. That describes not just the Book of Genesis but R. Crumb’s new graphic reading of Genesis […]