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The word is the thing

Many thanks to Scott Bailey of Scotteriology who posted “Hermeneutics Video 9.” That is a video in his series posted on YouTube that relate to hermeneutics. #3 is just superb. As Scott notes: “Two words: exegetical fallacy.” And women, remember, when you do your laundry, do it in the love of God because when you do “you can get a harvest.” Scott, where do you find these videos?!  

Want a date? Deny the existence of God

Very amusing. HT to SCMProfessor. Via Discovery Blog: Atheism: Bringing the Sexy Back It would be amusing to just have a contest asking people to guess what the vertical axis on this chart is supposed to represent. The answer is, “reply rate to first-contact messages on an online dating site, as a function of words appearing in the message.” In particular, the site OkCupid, which has a handy rundown of which words and phrases are most […]