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Where to begin in The Beginning?

Last week an email from a friend spurred me on to write a few thoughts about Gen. 1:1 and whether or not creation therein described as ex nihilo. There was enough encouragement in the comments for me to think about the topic some more and take up my digital pen today. But first a few comments. One of the reasons I have not written more about this here is because I am keenly aware of […]

Not quite Top 50

The Top 50 Bibliobloggers list is up for August and while I am higher than July this past month had relatively few posts so I am, for the second month in a row, just out of the Top 50. I will take down the Top 50 badge that I have proudly worn on my site for the time being, but I hope to be back soon! UPDATE: I see from their site that “If your […]