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OUP is watching me! (and Oxford Biblical Studies Online launched)

This afternoon I received the following from OUP announcing their new online resource. On quick inspection the site looks very nice (I happen to be using Coogan’s textbook this semester). What really piqued my interest was Liz’s comment that “we have been following your blog here at Oxford.” Really? Liz, if you are please do leave a comment! In the meantime I pass along their offer of free access for the month of May. Details […]

Twitter Worship

A HT to @samharrelson for pointing out this story. My views may surprise some. The story is this: STALLINGS, N.C. (AP) — Most churches want them turned off, but one North Carolina church encouraged its members to use their cell phones, BlackBerrys and other devices to help spread the word during Easter services. Next Level church in Union County was alive with Twitter during the Easter Sunday service. The electronic service sends short messages to […]