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Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro, and Hebrew/Aramaic

Have any of you use Scrivener with NWP (best of all, incorporating right to left languages)? I know @Ihnatko uses it but so far as I know he does not use Hebrew or the kind of formatting I will need. I am in the early stages of my book on Targum Ruth and I thought this time I would try and be organized from the beginning. I am putting bibliography into Bookends and Scrivener’s method […]

SSJE Audio Rule

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist is also known as the “Cowley Fathers.” Today one of our retired clergy sent me the link to the podcast of their Rule. He says, “The first rule was written by founder Fr. Richard Meux Benson, in the 19th century at Cowley, near Oxford (SSJE was the first monastic group to start up in England after Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries).” There are short 4 minute chapters and […]

Reimagine Scholarship | Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology

Some students and I will be presenting on our blogging initiative at the Penn State TLT Symposium this spring. Reimagine Scholarship | Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology. Reflective blogging across a student’s college career Schreyer Honors College Dean Chris Brady and two students describe a pilot in which the students are asked to blog about their college experiences. Students are asked to relate their posts to the Honors College mission of academic excellence […]