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NT Wrong finally gone?

It looks like NT Wrong’s blog is finally down. (I thought his Top 50 Biblioblogs was going to continue. Last month I jumped 20-some positions! 😉 ) UPDATE: Two items – A study group in Illinois has taken over the Biblioblog Top 50. Mark Goodacre (of the new and improved NT Gateway, when does he have time for this stuff?) has set up a “Come back NT Wrong!” facebook group. Join now!  

Relatively random notes

It has been a busy time for me and I have not been able to give any well, thought out posts of late. I have been coming across some interesting, some amusing, and some thought provoking items, however and so this morning, with little fanfare or commentary, here are some items that might be of interest. Beards – Apparently I am 16 years ahead of the curve. Beards are making a comeback (due to economic […]