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Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI

Although Targuman was not worthy of mention last month (although I did rise 4 spots on the Top 50 Biblioblogs! You love me! You really love me!) it is worth noting that Dr. Jim West has posted the BS Carnival for November, number ex ex ex vee eye. Read it now (or he will baptise Chris Tilling via immersion until legion departs from his quivering body).  

First Sunday of Advent – “Creation groans as a woman in labor”

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the (western) Christian year, and it was also my first opportunity to perform a baptism. It was a wonderful event made even more special because the baby is the child of some good friends of ours. Advent is a curious season in that we tend to think of it as “Christmas” when in fact Christmas and Epiphany do not begin until, well, Christmas. Advent is […]

Happy Birthday Space Station!

This is the last project my father worked on in his career with NASA. This year is the 10th birthday of the station, although it continues to grow and be rebuilt. CNET has some great photos. The space station as it looked in August 2005. For most of its habitable history (about eight years), the ISS has had room for just three crew members. But in just the last few weeks, that capacity has doubled […]