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How would you like to date Targum Neofiti?

Maybe just the two of you, a nice dinner, maybe a little candle light…I am afraid I am talking about a different kind of dating. A friend pointed me to this YouTube video by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill. (I will give Driscoll credit, I see that his blog has a series on Charles Spurgeon, who I agree was one of the greatest preachers ever to live.) There are lots of things that we may […]

Academic Sacrilege

Remember the “Frackin’ Cracker” debate? A biologist from U of MN mocked the Catholic community’s response to a student having removed a consecrated host from a service. Well Myers made good on his promise to destroy, mock, and desecrate a host if sent to him. Inside Higher Ed has a good round up of the results. Myers is a biologist at the University of Minnesota at Morris who has a national following for Pharyngula, the […]