Vegas baby!

I by pbo31 used under Creative Commons licensingam in Las Vegas for the next day (which really means 3 days since I left at 8 am today, Tuesday, and will not arrive back in State College until 8 pm on Friday) for meetings with a college board member. It is really one of the freakiest places on earth. When you get off the plane in McCarran the first thing you are faced with is slot machines. It really does seem like a hedonist wonderland and yet it is all so clean! Nothing like the Chick tracts at all. (Which is not to be confused with CHIC tracks which seem to take quite a different view to Mr. Chick. Oh boy. Follow those links at your peril Dr. West.)

I have not gotten around much, after all it is 100 degrees here today, and the few pictures I took of the slots in the airport will not be going up anytime soon due to my card reader not working. I have added a pic from pbo31 on flickr to give you a sense of the place. (His photos are really impressive.

So tonight and tomorrow I will be enjoying a different side of Vegas than that usually seen by visitors. I have managed to get some work done. I spent an hour or more on the plane working on an article (finally!) and should have that all done but the footnotes by the time this trip is over. Either that or I will end up blogging and not getting any work done. If so, you will hear it hear first. 🙂

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