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There and back again.

I may it back from Las Vegas safe and sound. I did not play any games but did get to drive a very nice car (an $82k Cadillac XLR) with the top down in 106º weather. As we left our final dinner we drove down the strip and I tried to snap a few shots. I was using a little Sony point-and-shoot so the quality is not the best, but I think this shot of […]

Vegas baby!

I am in Las Vegas for the next day (which really means 3 days since I left at 8 am today, Tuesday, and will not arrive back in State College until 8 pm on Friday) for meetings with a college board member. It is really one of the freakiest places on earth. When you get off the plane in McCarran the first thing you are faced with is slot machines. It really does seem like […]