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“The Body of Christ”

Found at Dvorak.org/blog. This is a new take on communing with God. Foxnews.com is reporting Federal agents have arrested a man on charges of drug trafficking after finding a statue of Jesus made of cocaine at a Texas border crossing… According to the criminal report filed by U.S. officials Tuesday, Bernardino Garcia-Cordova offered a woman $80 to transport two religious statues across the border and deliver them to him at a bus station in Laredo, […]

Coat of Arms – St. Cross College, Oxford

I received our monthly newsletter from my college at Oxford today. Poking around the website I found the following description of the coat of arms that was approved after I had graduated. St. Cross, located on St. Giles, just down from the Eagle and Child and right next to the Oriental Institute was perfect for me. Being a graduate college, lunch was the main meal so I could have a three-course lunch in college for […]

Cook’s article on 4Q246 available

This is a great article and glad that it is now available for free online! More Terrific Scholarship From Me I see (HT: Awilum.com) that an article of mine from a while back, “4Q246,” is available in several formats from the Institute for Biblical Research website. If you’re really interested, you can also read John Collins’ article attacking my conclusions. Both were originally published in the Bulletin for Biblical Research. 4Q246 is the fragment that […]

An Evangelical Manifesto

My friend and colleague Paul Flesher wrote a column two weeks ago concerning the Evangelical Manifesto. I don’t believe that I have seen it before, but it looks very promising as it distances the signers (see Paul’s column below for some examples) from those, including the press, who define evangelicalism as the “religious right” political activists. Worth a read, both Paul’s column and the Manifesto. An Evangelical Vision of the Near Future It has become […]