Win a copy of my wife’s novel!

My wife’s novel The Unlikely Missionary is the prize at The Dabbling Mum. You can also purchase it directly from Book Locker (download the ebook for $8.95 or you can purchase the paperback for $15.95) or you can go to (And if you get one from Amazon that has an inscription to someone else in the cover let me know to whom it was inscribed. We may know them and then we can give them grief for giving the book away.)

If you haven’t already been to The Dabbling Mum now is the time to check it out! Alyice Edrich offers practical writing tips from a variety of interesting contributors and lots of fun prizes to win. I recently won some fun prizes and sent Alyice my book to use as a prize this month. Just go here and ask a question, that’s it!

You can also download a free sample pdf here and listen to the book read by Elizabeth here. Eventually all of the novel will be available in audio format.

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