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How we write, part 2

Yesterday Dr. Jim West gave a long response to my earlier post contemplating how it is that we (I) write. As is his open style, Jim was very forthright with his opinions and as a result has in turn offered a post very much worth of comment. With what authority do we speak?I want to begin, however, with an apology of sorts. When I began writing that post, I had meant to focus more upon […]

BBC iPlayer on the Wii

Sadly, this won’t be available in the US (and I have yet to get my Wii onto my wireless network) but I had to include the story, if only for the picture that accompanied it. She looks very scary. The Wii has brought many people to gaming for the first time The BBC’s iPlayer video service will soon be available via the Nintendo Wii. The video download and streaming service that lets people catch up […]