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A day of rest

Today was the first day I had without obligations, but only because I asked a colleague to fill in for me for a 1-4 pm meeting. My in-laws were in town, we had a morning brunch, watched the Spanish Grand Prix, and then I ran a bit of cable in preparation for my birthday present. (Which is not for another 4 months, but you know…I am a bit eager.) Finally, this weekend’s photo theme was […]

Photo: Working at night

I am been doing a lot of that lately…so I am unable to blog regularly. I realize it is no one is losing sleep over my absence, but I do miss blogging on a regular basis. There are lots of stories I have come across and events that have happened that I would like to share, but alas I have no time. Now, in fact, I have to return to preparing my presentation for our […]

New podcast: Building Community Through Technology?

Last night I was the guest speaker at the College of Information Sciences and Technology’s IDEAS dinner. This is a forum for undergraduate research. In this talk I asked how we can or should use information techonologies to create commnunity within the Scheryer Honors College. I also challenge some notions of how radical the changes are in human nature and conduct as a result of the pervasiveness of these technologies. The podcast can be found […]

Photos: Lazy, rainy Sunday

It has been a very long week and Friday and yesterday was spent all day with alumni and students for the annual Spring scrimmage known as “Blue White Weekend.” Today I am trying to take it easy. We had a lot of rain which left the flowers soaked in beauty.  

Photo: Blue White Weekend Begins!

This weekend is “Blue White Weekend” at Penn State which is nothing more or less than a scrimmage of our own team. We (the Schreyer Honors College) have made this weekend our reunion as well so I am/will be quite busy. It was also a chance for a photo shoot with the Lion for our promotional material. I couldn’t resist participating.  

There is academic freedom and then there is this…

I am not saying that the student doesn’t have the academic freedom to do a project such as this (although the more I ruminate the more I might change my mind about that). What I am saying is that I believer her project crosses a number of boundaries, none of which are very good. The basic story is this: The controversy began on Thursday, after the Yale Daily News, a student newspaper, published an article […]

A blog post about not blogging and Photo: Spring Daffodils

This time they are in our yard. I still don’t have enough time to blog properly and there is a lot going on that I would take note of (see, for example, Chris Heard’s series on Expelled here and here). And AKMA posts one of my favorite Dorothy L. Sayers quotes which I spotted via Jim West. Be sure to follow AKMA’s links back to Fred Sanders. I, for one, think that Sayers had one […]