A blessed snowy Easter 3

Snowy Easter
As my daughter said, “I thought it was global warming not global colding!” I am not sure if the egg hunt is going to happen this morning or not.

Drew’s pictures put my shot from the cover of the back porch to shame so I had to go and take a few more.




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3 thoughts on “A blessed snowy Easter

  • Drew

    We are getting both my boys baptised tomorrow and a lot of family is starting to arrive. We also have a big easter egg hunt planned for tomorrow for six little boys. Not sure how that’s going to happen. Happy Spring!

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Our daughter’s baptism was at the Easter Vigil in 1998 and we had 7 (seven!) baptized tonight, only one of which was an infant baptism. It was an amazing service, all candlelit with all 300 holding candles, and then, after the baptisms, the kettle drum and organ went nuts and everyone rang bells as we sang “Jesus Christ is Risen Today!”

  • Drew

    Now THAT sounds like an Easter service! And it looks like you got maybe a couple more inches that we did. And it is not looking like it will be all that warmer this week. God make Spring come quickly, my kids are driving me nuts!