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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-22

Woke up this morning to snow! I thought there was this whole global warming thing… # @colecamplese Same here. The colored plastic eggs should be easier to find in the snow…I guess…. # Looking for vid from last night’s Leno. They haven’t updated the site sice July! http://snurl.com/22csn # @dtatusko I hope the baptism goes well! We have an egg hunt this morning at the church…. I hope! # @dtatusko BTW your blog feeds aren’t […]

Wright on the Wresurrection

Tom+ has an article on the resurrection. I wonder what the special event would be to merit that. There is a curious a-f formatting of paragraphs, it is quite short, but to the point and of course wholly correct. Nicholas T. Wright: The Resurrection Revolution – On Faith at washingtonpost.com b. The word ‘resurrection’ in the first century, whether used by people who believed in it (Christians and some Jews) or by those who didn’t […]

Herod’s Song – JC Superstar

An annual tradition for my wife and I (her father began it when they were children) is to play, very loudly the soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar. I am always moved to tears at many moments and filled with energy and joy at others. But Herod’s Song is just a riot. I have never seen the movie in full, but thanks to YouTube I can now see this ragtime ode in all its 70’s splendor. […]

Ps. 22.29[30] – Who shall bow down?

I have just finished my homily on the Fourth Words of Jesus (Matt. 27:46, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”) and in reading it with Psalm 22, I realized that there are very different renderings of verse 29 in the English, 30 in the Hebrew. ‏ אכלו וישתחוו כל דשני ארץ לפניו יכרעו כל יורדי עפר ונפשו לא חיה׃ NRSV: Psa. 22.29 To him, indeed, shall all who sleep in the earth […]