What are you looking for? 2

I could have used this as an illustration in last week’s sermon.

Be honest, how many of you “got it”?


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2 thoughts on “What are you looking for?

  • Alan Lenzi

    I’ve seen this kind of thing before but not in a commercial for cycling safety. After having just visited London and seeing all the cyclists downtown (weaving around crazy taxis and double-decker buses), however, I can see why they’d need to raise awareness. Fatalities/accidents must be really high there among cyclists. But I was truly fascinated by the number of people riding to work . . . in the cold rain (men, women, old, young, racing bikes, folding bike, junker bikes). I live in Northern California and cycle to work everyday. But very few people seem to commute by bike around here, and we’ve got good weather generally for riding! It seems like such a wasted opportunity to get fit, save money, and cut down on pollution.

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Alan, we certainly need to look out for cyclists of all sorts. As my brother pointed out though if the bear had been a polar bear (or had we be told to watch for white) or had it be required to have its headlamp on we would have noticed it. At the least, he suggested, the bear should be required to wear a helmet. 🙂

    Around here, central PA, a lot of people ride their bikes to work, even in the dead of winter! The Vespa we won should be in soon and before we take it to the in-laws at the beach I intend to ride it to work, saving quite a bit on gas. (The store told be that the price of scooters has, in fact, gone up 20% and more due to the oil prices. That’s speculation for you.)