Biblioblogging Big Brother

I am honored to be among those competing on the new Biblioblogging Big Brother. A snippet from Episode One is below and be sure to see my sermon title (oh so apropos, on Episode Two).

Welcome to the first episode of Biblioblogging Big Brother.  . Each week our houseguests will vie for control of elimination nominations and the all important “Power of Veto.”  Veto.” Too, they will compete with one another for fantastic prizes and academic appointments!

With regular Big Brother now off till next season, and Big Brother frenzy still fresh in people’s hearts and minds, it’s high time to toss a dozen bibliobloggers together and watch them hatchet job each other till there’s only one left standing.  standing. Unlike regular Big Brother, these contestants will scrap it out till the bitter end, the final two debating a biblical topic with your host deciding upon the winner.

And now, it’s time to introduce our contestants!

Brandon Wason!  Wason! Chris Tilling!  Tilling! James Crossley!  Crossley! Christian Brady!  Brady! John Hobbins!  Hobbins! Mark Goodacre!  Goodacre! Robert Cargill!  Cargill! Stephen Carlson!  Carlson! Tim Bulkeley!  Bulkeley! Joe Cathey!  Cathey! James Davila!  Davila! and last but certainly not least, Jim West!!!!!!

Welcome houseguests!  houseguests! Biblioblogging Big Brother will have many twists and turns and unexpected surprises!  surprises! So the first decision you all have to make is to, right now, elect the very first Head of Household!  Household! Go, chat with one another for a while, and when we come back from our commercial break, it will be time to inform our audience of your decision!

Commercial:  : Visit Eisenbrauns for all your book needs.  needs. Eisenbrauns, where books are loved and not in that special way!

Ok houseguests- it’s time to announce the first head of household!  household! Who have you chosen?

(Via Dr Jim West.)

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