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TSA Blog and the MacBook Air

TUAW reported recently about a traveler who missed his flight because TSA workers couldn’t figure out what the MacBook Air was in the xray machine (now ports). Turns out the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has a blog and has reported that they are working to make sure all screeners know what a MBA is and thus not detain owners longer than necessary: “Evolution of Security: Apple MacBook Airs are Cleared for Takeoff.” TSA has a […]

The Evil Zwingli Meme

Nick has tagged me with this meme and at the risk of being removed from the Book of Blogs and Life I will shoulder my cross and bare [sic] it as bravely as I may (it is still winter here, after all). The rules: Post something rude about Zwingli. (Outrageous slander especially welcome.) Tag someone who is NOT Jim West I am not nearly as witty or thoughtful as Chris Tilling so I will merely […]

If it’s not Utilikilts its…

If you haven’t seen Utilitkilts you must take a look. They are kilts, natch, in various utilitarian builds. But best of all are their new “mockumercials,” user created commercials. Check out the Round 2-1st place winner, “If it’s not Utilikilts its…” THEN, you need to check out the next two, “Call Me” and “Don’t Ask.” They say the creator’s name is “Doug Cox” but we know him as Dr. Jim West!