The Evil Zwingli Meme

Nick has tagged me with this meme and at the risk of being removed from the Book of Blogs and Life I will shoulder my cross and bare [sic] it as bravely as I may (it is still winter here, after all). The rules:

  1. Post something rude about Zwingli. (Outrageous slander especially welcome.)

  2. Tag someone who is NOT Jim West

Zwingli LOLCatI am not nearly as witty or thoughtful as Chris Tilling so I will merely offer two key points, well known facts, in fact, about the rapper widely known in his day as the ZMann or UZi.

  1. Zwingli had a cat, cuddled with her regularly, and attributed his greatest thoughts to her inspiration.
  2. Zwingli loved snow, couldn’t get enough of it, in fact. His close friend and confidant, Udo Lindenberg, once commented that the only time he had seen Ulrich happier than Schiing down der Berg was curled up in front of a fire with Schicksal, his little tabby cat.

Now I must tag someone. I have to admit, here I would agree with Jim, I never quite know who to tag and this particular meme requires a particular person to fulfill it. Since know that the full history of Zwingli will be taken into consideration by this individual, that he will indeed place Zbart in his full context even though we can never really know if HZ himself ever really did exist as anything other than a myth fabricated by those who felt the need to prop up their beliefs and structures with a support outside of their own time and thus far removed from assault, I tip the chapeau to Dr. Kevin Wilson.

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